Ghost in the Shell

/movie/Ghost in the Shell

A stunning feat of modern animation, Ghost in the Shell offers a thoughtful, complex treat for anime fans, as well as a perfect introduction for viewers new to the genre.

Trigun: Badlands Rumble

/movie/Trigun: Badlands Rumble

In a town surrounded by quicksand, an outlaw from Vash the Stampede's past has resurfaced after twenty years. His name is Gasback - and he's looking to cause a little trouble. It seems Gasback has a serious beef with the town's mayor, who's paying dozens of bounty hunters to protect his turf. One of those hired guns is a beautiful woman with a vendetta against Gasback. Will she get a shot at revenge? Maybe, if she can get through Gasback's bodyguard, Wolfwood. And what's Vash got to do with this mess? Nothing much - except for the fact that he personally set off the entire chain of events two decades ago! -- (C) Eleven Arts

Ghost in the Shell 2 - Innocence

/movie/Ghost in the Shell 2 - Innocence

The animation is lovely, but the plot is complex to the point of inscrutability, leaving Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence both original and numbing.

Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl the Movie: Phantom Ruler: Zoroark

/movie/Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl the Movie: Phantom Ruler: Zoroark

In the future, Celebi sees Raikou, Entei, and Suicune fighting. In an attempt to prevent it, Celebi travels through time to the past.[6] A Tangrowth also appears in the movie as Pikachu's friend.

Digimon - The Movie

/movie/Digimon - The Movie

Digimon is better than Pokemon, but it's still a predictable movie with mediocre animation.

Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos

/movie/Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos

Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos, a new feature-length adventure into the world of an international anime sensation. A fugitive alchemist with mysterious abilities leads the Elric brothers to a distant valley of slums inhabited by the Milos, a proud people struggling against bureaucratic exploitation. Ed and Al quickly find themselves in the middle of a rising rebellion, as the exiled Milos lash out against their oppressors. At the heart of the conflict is Julia, a young alchemist befriended by Alphonse. She'll stop at nothing to restore the Milos to their former glory - even if that means harnessing the awful power of the mythical Philosopher's Stone. -- (C) Official Site

Pokemon the First Movie - Mewtwo vs. Mew

/movie/Pokemon the First Movie - Mewtwo vs. Mew

Audiences other than children will find very little to entertain them.

Hotaru no haka (Grave of the Fireflies)

/movie/Hotaru no haka (Grave of the Fireflies)

An achingly sad anti-war film, Grave of the Fireflies is one of Studio Ghibli's most profoundly beautiful, haunting works.

The Princess Blade

/movie/The Princess Blade

The action is fast and tightly choreographed, but The Princess Blade never draws its disparate elements into a compelling movie.

Pokemon Heroes

/movie/Pokemon Heroes

This series isn't getting any better.

Appurushido (Appleseed)

/movie/Appurushido (Appleseed)

While visually arresting, Appleseed's narrative and dialogue pondering existentialism is ponderous, awkward, and clumsy.